Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wishes for the New Year

What Do I Wish For The New Year?????
I don't make resolutions, cause I don't keep them, but I do wish for several things to happen in 2008.
1- Safe trips where ever we go
2- To really be able to put in some quality time sewing ( it remains to be seen if I will be able to sew effectively in the trailer as I need to...... Lightning and warmth and so forth... Wish me luck
3- I know hubby well enough, he will try his best to make all the above happen for me, for that I am grateful
4- I want to be able to sew while riding in the truck, before this I have always gotten headaches when I try to do anything while riding. SOOOOO, I am going to start with just a few minutes at a time and work on adding time as I go, again wish me luck.....
5- I want to see new places, maybe go to the New England states and up in New York,Hubby has never wanted to go up there so we haven't. He says he doesn't want to drive in that traffic....
but if the company sends us we will have to.....Yep, that would be good.
6- I know I am going to miss my family terribly..... I pray that I will be ok with being gone for long times (anywhere from 3 to 6 months) , actually I hope we will be able to come home at shorter intervals, so say a prayer for me that I won't drive hubby crazy after we have been gone a while. I keep saying to myself I can do anything for a year, and that is all we were hired for, of course if we want and are able to, I am sure we can do this as long as we want to and our health is good..
7-I also hope our house will be safe, that our daughter and neighbors can look after it and nothing happens ( we were broken into several years ago and you just don't forget that)...That was an awful experience. Very frightening........
8- There are several projects I would like to accompolish. I would like to make some quilt tops, maybe one for each of our children and one to display in our LQS, I already have the fabrics for that one..... The other ones I would like to make from my stash..... I also will have to make a special baby quilt for our GS and GDIL....... I haven't let myself plan that yet, they are planning to try and find out what sex they will be having, so then I will know what I want to do, already have some ideas.......
9- I want our daughter and Grand daughter to be safe and healthy while we are gone as her husband left today going back to China to work for about 4 months, I really hate we are going to be gone most of that time as well. I want also for our GD to do well in school and be a good girl, she gets a little unruleywhen her Dad is gone, so I hope she will listen to her Mom and do as she is told. She really is a good person just can be mouthy at times, I think age has something to do with that as well.12 ( almost 13) is a hard age, I think so anyway....I want our daughter to find things to do that she enjoys and help her to pass the time quickly.
9- I wish for our Son and DIL good health as well, he has some problems, so I hope he can keep all of them in control and be healthy and happy. As far as I know she is healthy.
10- The GS and GDIL that are pregnant, I pray her morning sickness leaves soon and that she will feel good and be healthy the rest of her pregnancy,I want him to be healthy as well and be very supportive to her.......I know in my heart they will be good parents.... They both are good people
11- Our second GS is wanting to become a police officer, I pray he knows what he is wishing for, and if he does accompolish his goal that he will be safe through his career.....That ceratinly is NOT the career I would have chosen for him, I realize someone has to do these jobs and I am sure he will be good at it.......He has a very level head and doesn't get to excited when things are not as they should be, so I do pray about him a lot. But at 23, he thinks he knows what he wants,so I am sure he will have to give this a try.........
12- Hopefully the rest of my extended family will be healthy and happy this year, and some of their wishes will come true as well.
That is a long list for sure, and certainly not quilty, but will get back on here in a few days, as I am getting some things ready to go..... I am going to try to kit a lot of projects, I think I will be more successful doing that.

We got the word yesterday we are going to Orlando, Fl, next week, very short trip, 2 traveling days and one day for the event.........Will be a hard trip, but I keep telling myself that surely it will be warmer there*******VBS**** I sure hope so, it is very cold here....
I hope everyone is staying warm and has started your New Years off Quilting Memories......J

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Good luck with your kits. Your prayers for family and extended family are noted, God will surely keep everyone safe, happy and healthy while you are gone. YOU be safe and behave yourself, I'll miss you while you're away... :( I'm eager to hear how the sewing space on wheels works out!