Friday, January 12, 2007

WELL!!!!!!!!!!! I got my sewing machine back today, it has been to the repair shop. Was gone(had to send it back to the manf.). But sounds so good now.I can't wait to get back to sewing on it. I also have a Pfaff, but only can do regular sewing on it.It is not an embroidery machine.Altho, I do use it a LOT.I do almost all my piecing with it. I like to keep my emb. machine set up for embroidering. Fortunately I do have room to keep them both ready to use. That is if I keep my room organized. That don't always happen !!
The reason my machine was sent back, I was trying to be nice and let someone use it, won't do that again. I am sure she didn't do anything intentionally, but never the less, she was useing it.
My husband put me another shelf in my sewing room since the holidays, it is 4ft. wide and 7ft.high. Lots more room, now to get it organized the way I want it. That is going to take some thought on my part. I also bought some plastic bins so I can organize some of my "stuff".
I make pocketbooks and embellish them, so have lots beads and other things, they all needed a home, all organized now.
Judy, are you planning to go to the quilt show in Feb. I hope to. Am planning to anyway, but will have to wait and see.
Happy sewing everyone.

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