Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bad weather, teaching class

I know its winter but I am tired of cold rainy weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How about the rest of you? I have had bronchitis and a sinus infection all week, went to Dr. on Wednesday,gave me some Med. do feel some better, but long way from well. Will be glad when its all gone. But "Tis the Season", Have been sick last 3 years at this time, hopefully this time caught it in time and it won't turn into pneumonia, that stuff is BAD!!!!!!!
I am sure all of you have made lots of pretty things, have been looking at some of your handi-work on your blogs. I'm afraid I am not that talented nor am I that smart. I have been working on some projects(not much, haven't felt like it ). I am going to teach a class at the LQS, in Feb. on Digi-Bobb-E. Am trying to get my samples done. Am going to do a pillow, a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. I will only show them how to do the designs. It should be fun! Then I will get back to my quilting.
Hope everybody is warm and dry , stay healthy and Happy Sewing.

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Libby said...

Hope your feeling better soon -- winter can be trying to our health *s*