Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This and That

Another busy day, but unfortunately no sewing. had to type my instructions,supply list and flier to advertise my class. Then talked to our dd for a while.Went to get a bite to eat (DO NOT COOK) then when we got home watched a video about quilting.
Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and when I get through will go to LQS,am going to do a fabric swap club. Have never done that before, so not sure what I am getting into. If I don't like it I guess I can always quit. Sounds interesting though,so am excited to see what it is all about.
Hopefully the lady that does the class scheduleing will be there so I can get a date for my Digi-Bobb-E and know when I can do that. Have got just about everything ready. Certainly will have it ready by Saturday. I promised to have samples to hang in the store. Hope I get some response,although can only take 6 people, the class room is pretty crowded with more that that. I was told if we have more to sign up, I can have another day. That would be nice.
Not much going on here except it is very COLD. I am sooooooooo ready for warm weather. Guess will have to be patient,at least for a while. Spring will be here before too long!!
Every one stay warm and happy sewing.

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