Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hello Everyone, Have been busy trying to get my Digi-Bobb-E Class ready. This will be the first I have taught any kind of sewing project. Am finding that I am very nervous about it, but also trying to make sure I know exactly what I want them to learn. So am doing a lot of work toward that end.
I also worked today at the LQS, that is also where I will be teaching,so am getting a little experience there. Had NO trouble except with the cash register, but will get that, I am sure. It seemed nice to realize the lady that owns the shop as well as the customers were comfortable with me, also very patient. Am enjoying my new experiences, will not work a lot, don't want to. Just as fill-in. That is ENOUGH.just keep my fingers in the "pie".
Will help next Sunday, with Souper Bowl Sunday. YES, she serves soup and we have a very enjoyable afternoon, and still get home in time for the game, if anyone wants to. Not my cup of tea!!!!!!!!
Are any of you going to the quilt show in Hampton, Va? My sister and I have been going for several years now. Went when it was in Williamsburg,Va. .We do enjoy our sister time. She lives up there, so makes it very convenient. I live in N.C. about 5 hours away, so just a nice trip.Of course always enjoying visiting up there, we also have some very dear friends there. Been friends for 47 years. Like family.
Hope all of you will have a great weekend, and sew,sew,sew!!!!!!!!!!
Hope sewing makes you as happy as it does me.


Libby said...

What is digi bobb e? I'm a little slow on these things *s*

Quilt Memories said...

Digi-Bobb-E is digitized bobbin embroidery , you use heavy, decorative thread in the bobbin of your machine. Very unusual design work (FUN). I learned to do this in Va, a few months back, really enjoy it, and no one here has had a class in it. So thought I would teach it to my quilting friends.