Wednesday, January 10, 2007

About Me

I am a fairly new quilter, but love what I do. I have only made a few baby quilts, and am presently working on a king size "Turning Twenty Again" I have it all pieced and sandwiched and now am trying to quilt it on my Bernina 200. Have found out that is no easy task. Don't think I would try that again if I knew it was so hard. But my goal is to get it finished before too much longer. But enjoy the piecing part very much. I have been a sewer most of my life, can't remember when I first started, but was many, many years ago. My sister tried for a very long time to get me to try to quilt, but kept telling her I just was NOT interested, but alas, finally made a baby quilt, and that got me started.Don't have as much time as I would like, but try to sew at least once or twice a week. Until recently my husband and I ran a ceramic shop. (24 years from our home). Closed that last August and started working for Roush Racing,we are in the events marketing division. We started in May and travel until October. He drives a 350 Ford duly truck and hauls a 36 ft. trailer with Lance Armstrongs store in it. We take it to the fundraising events that LAF sponsers. So far we have really enjoyed it. Can't wait to get on the road this summer. We will leave here headed for Orange California, from there to Oregon, then to the state of Washington. Will be gone from home approximately 3 months. Have never been gone that long, but expect a great adventure. We will also go to Philly and Austin, Texas. If anything else, will find out soon.SOOOOOOOOOO, guess will have to be really busy at the sewing machine while I am here.
I made a baby quilt before Christmas, keep telling the g-son that's married I need a Great G-child. I made an "I spy" I thought it was cute. Not real professional, but definately a useable quilt. Soon will post some pictures.
I have been reading some of your blogs for a while now, I do know (through my sister,her husband and my sister work together) Quilting with ragdolls. She is a very nice young lady, younger than my son, but a little over a year older than our daughter. Her cats are really cute, I had never even heard or a ragdoll cat until I met her. They are something to see, I have never seen a household cat that large. But they were very pretty.
Well, enough for now.Will post later.


Judy said...

Hello Jewell!! Libby just told me about your blog. Welcome to the arena!

Thanks for mentioning the cats...yes they are big, well one anyway. Pixel is rather small for his breed but I am looking to fatten him up soon!

I'd love to see a picture of that Turning Twenty quilt. Got a digital camera? I can give you some great FREE software to sort and work with your pictures so they are the perfect size for the blog.

Quilt Memories said...

Thanks for getting back to me,yes we do have a digital camera, unfortunately, I don't know how to use it, but Husband will help me. I have been doing some work on my sewing room, then decided to get to blogging, so will probab;y start with the pics soon. Would love to have any help you have to offer.Software is always nice.
Hope you get your surgery over and done with ASAP. Surgery is never any fun.Am going to post some more about what I have been up to, so KEEP A READING!!!!!!!!!!!!