Monday, February 5, 2007

Good evening every one, Hope everyone is warm and dry and ready for spring!!!!!!!!!Phil said an early spring, sure hope he is right.
Have been working in my sewing room today,as well as Saturday. Accomplished a little. But a little every day adds up. I finished the jeans I was Digi-Bobb-E ing on Saturday night, but took them with me to work on Sunday, and the LQS owner wanted to display them, as well as the sweatshirt I took. As soon as I go to the surgeon and see what he wants to do, I will get my class scheduled, so I can get that done. I was pleasantly surprised at all the interest I got on Sunday. So hopefully I will have several that wants to do the class.
Today, I have finished making the prarie points for the baby quilt top I am working on. Tomorrow, I plan to try to get them on the top, have never done this before so I hope it won't take too long. Am ready to get on to something else.
I appreciate the inquiries and well wishes about my health. At times I do pretty good, then others I fall apart, so am trying to keep my mind occupied.Have had a good day today.
Hope to post another quilt I have previously made,as I have said I haven't been quilting long, so really don't have much to show. Maybe I can post the quilt I am working on soon to. Will see. Keep me in your prayers. happy quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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