Sunday, February 11, 2007

back Home

Dh and I gave been in Fla. Very quick trip,went for work, will probably have to go back next Saturday, coming home on Monday, not sure yet. They never tell you anything until time to go, maybe a 24 hour notice. But we were told this when we started with them, and it is kind of exciting.The weather was beautiful. low 70's, hopefully will be thet nice next weekend.
Of course next trip for me depends on the doctor. My appt. is Tuesday, most of the time I have been able to keep my spirits up, but seem to be having a bad day today.My mind keeps playing tricks with me, but won't be too much longer and the suspence will be over and I will know what my options are.Keep me in your prayers, Please.
Obviously wasn't able to do any sewing these last few days, maybe between loads of laundry tomorrow I will get to sew some. I hope so, sewing keeps my mind occupied. Hope everyone is warm, dry and quilting.

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