Sunday, August 3, 2008

Heading Home, Tomorrow

I have no idea where I was when I took this photo, but I still like it,I have no idea what the name of the block is, but it's what I have felt like this entire past week. Going in every direction, but maybe tomorrow I will get my head screwed on right..... Yep, we are heading home. Our home time has been cut short ( as of Friday), we were asked to do an event for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, we did those the past year and half. I am NOT looking forward to doing that one, but will. The Roush people we worked for when we done those events were just too good to us to tell them no! We will be going to Philly, the last week of August.

When we get home tomorrow we will not have an internet connection,so it may be a few days before I am on here again, so don't forget to check again in a few days, we should get hooked up soon.Hope I will be back quilting memories soon, I can't wait.


quiltkeemosabe said...

That is my block you posted at home in your own local quilt shop!!!! Come on home!! Can't wait to see you. (Working Thursday, Friday and Saturday this next week!) See you soon!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Welcome home... glad I don't have far to go to see you (or that quilt block!).

Nane said...

I know if feels good to return home. Hope the LA event went well

Nane said...
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Jennifer said...

Hi Aunt Jewell,
Glad I got to see you and Uncle. Cody started school this week, me too! Just trying to help him keep his head on straight, but he is "Smarter than I Am!!!!!!" So he thinks. Ha Ha. I am in the works of creating a blog as well. As soon as I figure out how it works. There will be all kinds of pics on it from Photography to my graphics to all of my craft junkie stuff!