Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well....It's been a while, but I have been busy.DH and I have been cleaning closets and now working on Computer/ Sewing Room. Whew.... But about finished. We are rearranging some things, and trying to get all my rulers hung on the walls, closer to the cutting table. Before everytime I cut something I had to go across the room for the ruler.....THEN....DUH.... The light bulb came on.... Dummy, move them to the side you need them! He also added me a couple more storage drawers. I told him I needed some more space since I will be going to the APQS Quilt Show in Hampton, Va. next month. So, voila, I have moved stuff and added the drawers, so now I can Shop, Shop, Shop. Actually I don't know of a thing I need,but I am sure I will find something!

It is so cold here, but thank goodness no snow yet. I hope it passes us by. Cold wet weather makes these old bones hurt....But it is supposed to be in the 40"s tomorrow and that will be good.

I now have my very own computer, can't do much with it, but couldn't do much with our desk top one either, but am trying....wish me luck.
Going to get off here and try to relax a little before bed. Have a goodnight everyone. Later,

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quiltteacher said...

What is the name of the baby quilt at SO and where can I find the pattern?