Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow, Sister , Granddaughter and THREAD

Sorry, Can't get my pictures to work, and am home alone!!!! Just wanted to check in and make sure everyone is ok....Did you get much snow? I think we got about an inch, but we also got about that much ice. The main roads are all about clear now and so are most of the secondary ones. I know everyone is wanting to get back to their regular schedules, even our GD said she wanted to get back to school, there's "nothing" to do.......Pitiful. pitiful....LOL.....
My sister and BIL are stuck in San Antonio , Texas....can't get a plane out.....they were supposed to leave yesterday morning, and now are hopeing for this afternoon. I just want them to be safe, they will get home soon I am sure.
I am still sewing on GD's tote bag, I always seem to think I do not need a pattern, so make up one on my own....sometimes that works really well....sometimes not so good....this one is not so good, but I will get it made....just takes me a while longer than usual. She is anxious to get it in her hands though.
Since I have the rest of the day to myself, I think I will try to get out for a bit, I really do need to go to the LQS, I have NO black thread....I cannot believe I have let that happen,,,LOL
Will get back to sewing as soon as I get some thread. BOBBIN

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