Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Very, Very Scarey FIRE

Well, we have had such varying weather, but today was the scariest. NOT weather, but Fire. We were coming down I 10 east, headed to Kerrville, Texas. We were about 5 miles away, and as we got closer, the more smoke we saw. As we came around a curve, and there was a huge rock formation in the center of the road, we drove right beside the fire. I was taking these pictures out our window. The speedometer shows we were doing 60, and believe me, that wasn't fast enough. The last we heard, they were calling for planes with water to try to put out the fire.I have no idea what has happened since, but I am thankful we are out of harms way ( I think so, anyway) and do hope no one is hurt. DH said it looked to him like there may be a vehicle involved. I sure hope not, cause if so, someone is in trouble.
The man at the desk here at the motel said they haven't had any rain in a year. that is a LONG time.
I do have a bunch of photos to share.We have been to some awesome places and visited 2 great quilt shops. We are headed home for a 2 day turn around and back on the road. We do have a schedule,but will post all that as time goes by. take care, keep busy Quilting Memories.
Later, Bobbin


Salem Stitcher said...

I bet that was frightening. I've seen fires driving through the Green Swamp years ago but nothing that close to the road. Yep, 60 mph wouldn't be fast enough for me either!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That is very scary; glad you and WG are both OK! I pray that there were no casualties. I hope you come home soon to STAY!

Libby said...

Oh, I do hope no one was hurt . . . . fires are so scary.

quiltteacher said...

Glad to see you are heading home. We missed you on the retreat.