Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reversable Quilt Class

This is a pic of the class I am " taking" I'm afraid I'm not a very good student. I did NOT get any of the homework done that I was supposed to. I worked instead, at the LQS, and that was ok, cause I was sure I could get enough squares cut so that I could at least keep up with the class, but, THAT DIDN"T HAPPEN. I was very

tired when I got home on Wed. after work and sat down to rest ( BIG MISTAKE) then about 9:30 I decided I would cut the pieces I would need the next day. I cut out more pieces than I needed and got real frusterated, and quit and went to bed. BUT, I did go to class and see what she was doing and I plan to have my blocks ready this Thursday evening.I sure am going to try anyway***VBS***

This is the quilt we are doing, one side is black and white and the reverse is red and white. I think I will like it, I sure do like hers. If I don't get it finished I will take it on our retreat.Maybe I will get it done then...

The pic with the ladies in it are the teacher (standing) and one of the students. There were 5 in the class (counting me, so it was a nice size class.

When my DH picked me up from work, I got a bite to eat and then we came home, our son had called and wanted to talk to us both, so we called him. His news was that we are going to be great grandparents again. His oldest son and wife are expecting in September. Their first baby will only be 15 months old. They say they planned to have another one soon, so guess they are getting their wish***VBS***. I'm happy for them.

I guess I had better get the first baby's quilt that I have started ,finished ( his 2nd quilt)so I can concentrate on another one. I also have to make a quilt for our best friends 2nd G-Grandson. He is due on the 7th of Feb. But I am waiting on him to get here. I embroider names and birthdates on the new baby quilts that I make. So, guess I need to get myself busy.

I must get up from here and go fold some clothes. My DH has been doing laundry most of the day.I still am having a difficult time manuevering steps and my washer and dryer is downstairs.

I do hope all of you are cozy and busy quilting memories. I must get off here, I am helping our LQS tomorrow, she has a Souper Bowl Sunday Party at the store, so need my beauty sleep.

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Libby said...

Even if you don't finish up your project with the class . . . . you'll have a wonderful quilt all in your own time *s* Have fun.

Carrie P. said...

I have made one of those reversible quilts. Different teacher though.
Wow, great grandparents, Congratulations!