Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello again.

Hi, Everyone,
I do hope someone is reading this, cause I know I have been gone for quiet a while. It seems sometime life just gets in my way***VBS***....between the holidays, trips (with family and friends) and 2 surgeries, I have been a bit busy. Hopefully things are getting back to normal now, at least for a short while....
One thing I have finally gotten to do is use my embroidery machine.Yes, I started a new baby quilt Tuesday, I am incorporating 20 embroidered designs in it, I have only finished 8 of them. I do plan to try to get the majority of them done tomorrow.Hubby is taking me to the Dr. in the morning then he is going to go to work for a few hours, so I will get busy as soon as he leaves, maybe I won't have any interruptions and can get all my designs finished. That sure would be great. then I will embroider the baby's name and birthdate, then I can get the rest cut out. I plan to take it with me on our trip, all cut out and ready to sew.Doesn't that sound like a great plan ? I sure hope it works that way...he he he.
The above pic is our Grand daughter and her volleyball team.I am not sure when this was taken, but they sure don't look very happy, must have lost that day.........Oh well, win some, loose some....She is on the left, sitting on the floor, with her knee bandaged....
I purchased myself a new sewing machine, picked it up last Sat. it's still in the box.I plan to get it out and up and running one day next week. I do not have room for 2 machines to be set up in my sewing room, and right now, I must embroidery. I gave our Daughter my Pfaff that I have been taking with me on our travels. She has now decided she wants to try her hand at another quilt, so I thought a better machine may help her. Actually, we all know a good sewing machine makes all the difference in our sewing. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that yet, but she will soon see for herself.
I do hope all of you are warm this bitterly cold night. I am certainly glad I was able to get home and snuggled down before the sun set. Hubby is out at a meeting, I will be glad when he gets home and is all snug. He has been so very good to look after me, through both my surgeries.I think sometime we take our spouses for granted ( I know I do), I have had to do NOTHING for so long now, that I am definitely spoiled. Our daughter has been tremendously helpful as well.
I certainly do appreciate all the love and care from them both. As MS. Goodneedle would say,
Life is Good..**VBS***
I have been reading your blogs and sorry I haven't responded very much, but will try to do better. And, as late as it is, I do hope all of you had a great Holiday season and that the New Year is especially good to all of you in 2009.


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Welcome Back! I've been wondering how you have been doing after your surgery - didn't know you had 2 surgeries! Glad to hear you are better. Are you going on the road again this year? If you come back to Texas, we'll have to get together and do some shopping. Keep me posted. Ruth

Quilt Memories said...

Yes, we are going on the road again, but will be on the East Coast, and only working until June 1st. Wish we could come back and see new friends that we made, but the Co. says, no !!!!
I had a bunion removed from my right foot, it's doing pretty good. Will email you soon. See Ya, Jewell quilt200

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I wanna see the embroidered masterpiece when it's done. Hopefully things are stitching away now with no difficulty. I know all about daughters when it comes to caring for their mommas, makes me sad for ladies with only sons. Life is GOOD, that's the truth. Glad you're home for a while. Love the photo, thanks for sharing; she's adorable.