Saturday, June 14, 2008

More pics at Quilt Trends

OK, we are back to pictures at Quilt Trends. They had such a nice store. These are just some random shots.I like the panels, especially the Therapy in Session, that is the way I feel everytime I get to enjoy my sewing room. I have been gone so long now I am sure I will enjoy it even more when I get home. Although I am sure I won't get to do very much sewing over the 4th. We will only be there for 5 days and I have invited my family over for a cookout. I also hope my sister and BIL and my brother and SIL can come. they both live out of town ( my sister lives in Va. my brother about 2 hours away, so hopefully I will get to enjoy all of them. But I must confess, our daughter said if I would like to do this, she will come help me and then she said for me to leave everything as is and when we leave again, she will come in and clean the house back up and do whatever laundry needs to be done. She is the sweetest***VBS***
Well, we leave here Monday for Detroit, I am looking forward to going there as we have family there. My nephew and his family and a cousin. We plan to see them, hope it all works out. My nephew has a boy scout troop and he plans to bring them to see the car, I know they will enjoy that.We have a surprise for our great-nephew, so he will be very happy, as he is a big Carl Edwards fan.
Here is our schedule for next week:
Wed.6/18 Lowes 16410 Trenton, Southgate 3-8
Thur. 6/19 Lowes 5900 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor 3-8
Fri. 6/20 Lowes 23111Outer Drive Allen Park 3-8
Sat. 6/21 Home Depot 3300 Carpenter Rd. Ann Arbor 8-4
Sun. 6/22 Home Depot 39500 W 7 Mile Rd. Northville 8-4
The next week we will be back here in Columbus then we get to go home for the 4th. I can't hardly wait....I am ready!!
Well, Monday is my birthday, It's hard for me to believe that I will be 67 years old, but I will!!
I was only 30 yesterday, where does time go?? But I will be traveling, and I sure do enjoy that.
Must get up from here and phone our son, haven't talked to him in a while.So, all of you, have fun Quilting Memories, catch you later, Bobbin


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your daughter is sweet, I'd take her up on that offer, too! Along with your nephew I like Carl Edwards, he's great! The shots from Quilt Trends are enticing, great shop!

Nane said...

I will have to look that shop up next time I am in Columbus!

Shelina said...

Does this mean you are going to the convention this weekend?

Julie said...

Hi Jewell, Just wanted to say "glad to meet ya" and thank you for stopping by. I discovered your blog a few months ago & have enjoyed reading all about your travels. What fun it must be to travel all over the country and get to visit all those quilt shops! And get paid to do it, too!

Just in case I'm not on-line Monday, I want to wish you Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful 4th of July with your family, too.